Customize the back of your t-shirt or Hoodie with your social media platforms

As a student athlete interested in purchasing a customized t-shirt or hoodie from they can reach out to you by sending an email to In their email, they can specify the product they are interested in buying and mention that they want to add their Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter contact information to the design.

There is an aditional Charge for this $10.00, which you can pay here: [wpecpp name=”Customize t-shirt or Hoodie with Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter contact info” price=”10″ align=”left”]

To help you better understand your needs, you can also provide any specific design or customization requirements you have in mind. We will then respond to your email with further details on the customization process, pricing, and shipping options available. By offering personalized products that showcase your social media profiles, we can help you the student athlete stand out and promote your personal brand while supporting their athletic journey.

As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service, we will send a mock-up version of the customized t-shirt or hoodie with the student athlete’s Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter contact information for their approval before we start the production process.

This allows you the student athlete to review the design and make any necessary changes or adjustments before the final product is printed. We want to ensure that they are completely satisfied with your purchase and are proud to wear the product with their personal brand.

Once you the student athlete approves the design, we will begin the production process and ship the product to you as soon as it’s ready. We look forward to working you them to create a unique and customized product that showcases your social media presence.

Here are the things we can add on:

  1. The colors that you specifally want
  2. Your jersey number
  3. Your social media handle, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagrame…etc

If there is anything additional please let us know. This will be an additional cost as stated above.