How to setup your site

  • We highly recommend that you go through documentation guid for the Directory theme. Please also refer to the guide for the detailed documentation of the whole Directory platform.
  • Basic setup of your Directory website

    How to translate Directory?

    Directory can be translated using Poedit software. The files you should be using for translating are located inside the /wp-content/themes/Directory/languages folder. Use the en_US.po file to translate the front-end strings and admin-en_US.po to translate the back-end strings. Those are “global” PO files and contain strings from each of the 4 Directory components. If you want, you can also translate each individual component by opening the “languages” folder inside each plugin (and the theme). For detailed instructions on translating the PO file open the following article. Quick tip: For displaying Directory in multiple languages you will need to purchase and install the WPML plugin.

    How to speed up your Directory website

    Directory is a massive application like theme so it will need more resources compared to some other simple portfolio or business WordPress themes. You may find it working a little slow if you have a lot of content and you are on a shared server. However, we have listed down some methods using which you can improvise performance of your Directory website. Please go through this article for more details on this.

    How to customize Directory?